Success Stories


Is your pet from the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society? Have a million great stories about them? We’d love to hear one! Submit his or her story below. We also love pictures and videos! 


I have to tell this story as I hope it will make a difference in the thinking of many pet owners.

I have always had a pet and have always licensed the pet with the Humane Society as well as keeping my pet healthy with local veterinary annual appointments.

While living in our home with front and back yard fenced, we have always licensed our pet. Now living in a condo with leash laws our Molly is still licensed, and we are glad of it. This December I went on a vacation with my brother and Molly stayed with very close friends. She decided to go on an adventure and went for a little jaunt. A kind couple found her in the area of Castlerock and Western Avenue and picked her up. From her collar and tags they called the local veterinarian listed and also called the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society to let them know of her current license number.

Molly was returned to our friends in the matter of a very few hours and I came home to my little pup.

This letter is to let the valley know that we need to support our local Humane Society in every way we can, even if your pet is confined to a fenced yard. A current license can save your pet and have them returned safely.

I am renewing the license for Molly, who turned 14 this year, also including a contribution on her behalf to the society. Thank you Humane Society for all you do!



We adopted CC from the Wenatchee valley humane society as a kitten, I remember him choosing us and from the moment I put him back in his cage to go look around some more and he started to literally scream until we came back to him so we decided to take him home with us… today he is a happy healthy “big” cat. we love him so much and him and my son grew up together and are never without one another.



I picked Zander up from the humane society when I was 18, and he seemed a less likely cat to be adopted and so my heart fell for him. He was a stray, and I have to say that at first, he was a handful to tame. With MUCH patience, and time, he turned out to be the sweetest cat I have ever had, and sadly lost him after 10 loving too short years. But I am so appreciative of the time that I had with him, and I thank you guys sooo much for what you all do!!!! Cats like him truly deserved that second chance.



Me and my boyfriend got Lexi about 2 months ago. She is sooooo great we love her to death. She and are dog that we had already are the best of friends they play and play and than snuggle and lick each other they act like they are sisters. Lexi has learned about squeaky toys, and finally learned tug o war with our other dog is fun. She doesn’t chew, but loves to drag things around, randomly we will find a sock or something random its so cute! she usually sits with us on the couch when we are relaxing and likes to lay across us if she can. She’s long so it works for her!! she is great with kids dogs and everyone she meets. We love her to death and cant believe when we went to the humane society there was one we were looking at before her and weren’t sure about her. But we took her out to the yard with our dog and there was instant connection. she has completed our family and are so thankful we have found her. She enjoys the dog pa rk as well but gets tired so she relaxes with us while my other dog goes nonstop! We are happy as can be with her! And when you find the dog your suppose to have you just know!!!

- Kailee


My husband, Chris, and I adopted Buddy on June 3, 2012.  We changed his name to Jim McNerney.  We have had Jim for a little over a year now and he is the best dog ever!   If anyone there remembers him they would remember how much he LOVES fetch! Unfortunately, Jim has hip dysplasica which sadly means the vet recommends Jim no longer plays fetch. Jim is disappointed he can’t play fetch anymore (and he gets to play a little gentle fetch every once in a while) but he still has lots of fun adventures! Jim took an intermediate training class and a nose works class.  Jim loves to sniff and the instructor said Jim is “scary good” at it!  Jim also loves swimming!  He mostly goes to an indoor pool in Woodinville.  Jim even dressed up as the Incredible Hulk for Halloween! Jim is always such a happy dog! We love him so much and we are so happy he is part of our family! We just wanted to share our happy tail with you!

- Jodie & Chris 


I was at the pet expo and adopted this excellent dog by the name of gidget. She loves to go on car rides. She goes everywhere with me. She won’t leave my side I love her so much. Thanks so much Wenatchee valley humane society for such a great dog.



I went to the humane society almost a year ago to find a friend for our dog Bella who is extreamly high energy and even though she is very friendly doesn’t have a clue how to properly greet another dog so most do not like her. Every pup we tried out was either already taken or not a good match for her. As I was on my way out I saw this little puppy sitting in her food dish and thought she was cute but way to tiny for my Bella and was about to turn around when her brother stepped out. He looked nothing like her. She and he were Chihuahua and dachshund mix. we took him out and they got along great! Junior has turned out to be the best little guy and my husband and him are best buddies. Thank you everyone for making this match possible. We Love Junior!



Hi my name is Emma and i am ten years old. One day me my mom and sister went to the humane society first we looked at the cats. My mom had fallen in love with this non stop purring cat. My sister had fallen in love with a playful kitten. And me well i went in to the dogs and fell in love with this chighuawa dachund puppy they wher both so cute. we put the cat named Lli on hold we begged my dad with all we had. he said yes.the next day we had got the beutiful tabby ever Lili. we are all happy with our 3 dogs 2 cats 2 fish 2 turtles. right now we are all just one big happy family.



Our family adopted Molly on Thrusday and it was love at first sight for Molly and I. When we took her home she had trouble at first accepting my husband and four sons and my heart sank at the thought of the possiblility that we would not be the right home for her. I am happy to tell you all that she has bonded with my husband, my kids and all of our farm animals and dogs. Molly, is the Queen of the house and we love her so much. She even gets to sleep with us. We are seeing less of the growling and flinching and more of the tail wagging and dancing with each new day. She loves to play fetch and go on walks and we have to drag her out of the water at the end of the day!! We could not be more pleased with her. Thank you for not giving up on Molly and giving us the chance to give this sweet little lady a forever home.

-The Tedder Family♥


When we got Shia (6 months old) we wanted to get a new little guy to make our big new move into our own place final. little did we know we brought home our second baby. He grew huge quickly and believes himself to be a lap dog. Him and my Two yr old AKA (owner) are inseparable a whirlwind of trouble those two are. Couldn’t have found a better match for my growing little family.