For the official version of the codification of the general ordinances for the City of Rock Island you will need to go to the City Clerks Office.

The Rock Island City Hall is located at 5 N Garden in Rock Island. Phone (509) 884-1261.

For Washington State Laws refer to the Revised Code of Washington website.


The following are some of the basic animal control ordinances for the City of Rock Island

Pet owners are required to provide animals with necessary food, water, shelter, sanitation, space and medical attention if needed.

Leash law applies when off your own property. Note: streets and sidewalks are public property.

Barking and whining habitually throughout the day or night is not allowed. The Wenatchee Valley Animal Control Officers handle these calls.

Feces must be cleaned up every 24 hours on your property.

Defecating on public property. Ordinance states you are required to clean up all dog feces that your dog(s) produces while off your property. Carry plastic bags at all time and dispose of in a proper waste container.

Licensing your dog is required annually at age 4 months and up. February 28th is the deadline to avoid a late fee if the dog has been previously licensed in the City of Rock Island. Licenses are obtained at the Rock Island City Hall.

Cats are allowed to roam the neighborhood but your neighbors have the right to insist on your cats stay off their property if trespassing or causing damage.

Rabies vaccinations for all animals must be kept current.

School grounds are off limits to dogs at all times.

Kennel registration is required if owning more than 3 dogs per home.