Volunteers in this position are to help increase the adoptability of the dogs in our care by walking and working with specific positive reinforcement techniques encouraging our dogs to display desired behaviors. In addition to spending quality one-on-one time socializing with the dogs, volunteers help to exercise and train dogs to offer desirable behaviors so that they are more adoptable. Volunteers should be willing to work with various breeds and sizes of dogs that are within their limits to handle. Volunteers must be at least 10 years old to handle the leash. This position has 1-2 hour shifts, available 7 days a week, generally when the shelter is closed to the public.


These volunteers help with the care and socialization of our cats, kittens, and various small animals (i.e. guinea pigs, gerbils, ferrets, birds, etc.). Volunteers will spend their time in adoptable cat & small critter rooms petting, grooming, and playing with the animals. They will also provide assistance with the public by answering questions and educating about the Meet Your Match program we offer to help adopters find the right feline for their home. This position has 1 hour shifts, available 7 days a week.


Throughout the year our shelter has numerous Adopt-A-Thons, fundraising, and community outreach events. These volunteers will be called upon when we have an event scheduled. Volunteers will be working with other volunteers and staff to set up before & clean up after events, man booths, walk in parades, pass out flyers and information, answer questions for the public, sell raffle tickets and various other duties as needed. Some travel may be required depending on where the event is held. The events are generally scheduled several months to 2 weeks ahead of time and the hours vary with each event. A valid email address must be provided to be contacted about upcoming events.


This position will work directly with our Director of Shelter Operations for scheduled daily maintenance and special projects. This position covers a broad scope of duties, from gardening, lawn care, tree trimming, and irrigation; to fixing leaky faucets, maintaining air conditioning and heating systems, electrical wiring, carpentry, fence mending, pouring concrete, etc. This position is in need of both daily or weekly scheduled volunteers and on-call volunteers. Hours will vary.


Our isolation area is for the animals struggling with illnesses contagious to the general population of animals. They are held in an area where no public is allowed and rarely get handled or interacted with until they get better. A volunteer in this position will have to follow strict health & safety guidelines while socializing both the cats & dogs in isolation. In addition to providing much needed love & attention to animals that don’t feel up to par, volunteers in this position could administer medications, groom both dogs & cats, walk dogs in specified areas, refresh bedding and kennels, wipe noses with warm saline cloths, and monitor health & food consumption. This position can be performed after a regular Dog Walking or Cat Socialization shift, available 7 days per week.


To ensure a safe and healthy environment for the animals in our care, we clean and sanitize EVERY kennel, crate and cage daily. There are three areas where you can help; Dog Kennels, Cat & Small Critter Cages, and Isolation Area. Volunteers in this position must understand this can be a very physical position including a fair amount of bending, lifting, and stretching. These volunteers must also be comfortable using cleaning supplies containing harsh chemicals during our sanitation process and must be able to adhere to strict safety guidelines. In addition to helping out with kennel cleaning, volunteers can also help out with washing dishes, doing laundry, sweep & mop as needed, housekeeping duties, stuffing Kongs, distribute food, water, treats, blankets & toys to the animals as needed, etc. The exact duties expected of each individual will vary depending on the day they work and how much work needs to be done. This position has 2-5 hour shifts and begin at 7am, available 7 days a week.


Our front office can get quite busy throughout the day. Volunteers can help support our Front Office Staff through answering phones, filing, doing adoptions, greeting customers, answering questions for potential adopters, data entry, checking the mail, basic organization, renting cat traps, handing out leashes, making follow-up calls, product sales, etc. This clerical position has 2 hour shifts, available 7 days per week.


Our Administrative Staff is also extremely busy managing daily operations, events, community outreach, public relations, and our volunteer program. We would also like to invite some volunteers to help support our Administrative Staff by filing, data entry, follow-up phone calls, writing Thank You notes, various mass mailings, hanging posters around town, picking items up from various places as needed, etc. This position has flexible shifts, or as needed for an event or project.


We have various shelter-to-rescue transports throughout the year, transferring our animals to other facilities. As this volunteer will be using our shelter vehicles, they will need to have a valid WA Driver’s License, a good driving record, and must provide a copy of their most current auto insurance policy. This position will have some on-call transport opportunities for transfers, as well as scheduled.


Petco in East Wenatchee is one of our biggest supporters and they have a space set up in their store for adoptable cats from our shelter. We rely on volunteers to help keep them cleaned & fed. These volunteers will be cleaning kitty boxes, wiping down kennels, replenishing stock & food supplies, and ensuring the cats remain healthy during their stay. These volunteers must be there no later than 11am to get the kitties ready for the day. This position is about a 15 minute to 1 hour time requirement, depending on number of cats, how clean they are and if any cats were adopted.


Occasionally we have nursing moms, underage kittens and puppies, and special needs animals that benefit from a home environment for health or socialization. Volunteers in our foster program agree to take an animal home and give them the proper care until they are able to come back to the shelter. Many even get adopted from the foster homes and never have to come back to the shelter at all. This is an on-call position with potential to be a substantial time commitment. For more information about fostering, please contact our Foster Coordinators at or

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 509-662-9577 (ext. 404) or