Don’t forget the pets!

Planning a vacation can be a fun and yet stressful time for any of us. What hotel to stay at, do we need airline tickets? Should we bring a bathing suit? One thing you definitely shouldn’t forget are the small things for your pets, even if they aren’t travelling with you.

  • Make sure each pet has identification that is up to date. Make sure the tags your pets wear have a current phone number, and make sure the information on your pet’s microchip is accurate.
  • Screen the person who will be watching your pet. Do they have pet care experience? Are they compatible with your pet?
  • Provide your pet sitter with emergency contact information. Name and phone number of the hotel you are staying at as well as information about a neighbor, friend or family member that may be able to help if you are unable to respond quickly.
  • Notify your vet that you will be away and that your pet sitter has permission to bring the animal in for care, if necessary. And leave your sitter with vet contact information.
  • Leave a signed document stating that the pet sitter is authorized with care of your pet. Also state that if for some reason the pet and sitter become separated and your pet ends up in the shelter, that you will pay for any related charges, such as bail out fees and kennel care.
  • Make sure your pets have all required shots up to date and keep a record of them with your pet.
  • If you do not have a pet sitter, boarding is a good option. Bear in mind these facilities can fill up fast during major holidays so be sure to book in advance. (Club Pet is a great option! (509) 888-PETS(7387).
  • Provide your sitter/boarder with a few of your pets favorite treats and a cherished blanket and toy or two to help reduce your pet’s stress levels.
  • Pack any specialty diet foods or medications for your pet with specific instructions.
  • Last but not least – have a safe and stress free vacation!