Surrendering a pet is never an easy decision to make. It’s also not the kind of decision anyone would want to regret. That’s why we recommend addressing the issue that is causing the need to give up the pet before making that decision. Is it because the pet is misbehaving? Often times pet behavior training can correct problems that are otherwise considered uncorrectable. Is because of an allergy? Talk to a doctor or allergist—there are lots of new medications that can treat pet allergies.

Once you’ve decided that there are no other solutions, and have made the decision to find a new home for your pet, there are several options to consider.

1. Communicate, Network, Get the Word Out

First, notify trusted friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers that you need to find a new home for your pet. More often than not, this type of networking can have very positive results. Plus, you may even get to visit on occasion if you find your pet a new home within your social network.

2. Re-homing Your Pet

No one knows your pet better than you. As the pet’s owner, you know its likes, dislikes, interests and temperament better than anyone else, and therefore you have a greater chance of finding a successful re-homing arrangement than anyone else. By making a determined effort to find your pet a new home, not only will you be giving it a better future— you’ll also be creating a future for another animal by leaving a spot open at our shelter.

Ways to re-home your pet on your own:

  • Ask local veterinarians if you can post signs in their clinics
  • Ask local pet-related businesses if you can post signs in their stores
  • Place an ad in the paper and Internet
  • If you are able to re-home your pet, please fill out the Re-homing Form and submit to WVHS. This will help us keep accurate records for the pet should it ever get lost or come to the shelter for any reason.

3. Surrendering Your Pet to the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society

Please call the shelter to schedule an appointment to surrender a pet. Fill out the form(s) below before coming to your appointment. The more accurate information you provide us can assist us finding the right new home for your pet. Surrender fees vary, so be sure to ask what your fee will be when making your appointment. Surrender fees help us care for your pet while they are with us.