Pets for Life

What is pets for life?


The Pets for Life (PFL) program is dedicated to keeping people and pets together during the times they need each other most. Whether through temporary hardships or due to limited income, we know that a lack of financial means doesn't mean a lack of love when it comes to pets. Pets enrich lives and we believe that everyone is deserving of the unconditional love that pets bring.

PFL provides assistance to people in a variety of ways, including (but not limited to): food, boarding, supplies. spay/neuter and other pet related services to those with limited or nonexistent access to resources.

Through the Pets for Life program, Wenatchee Valley Humane Society reinforces its commitment to caring for the pets in the community and the people who love them. 



Like all programs at WVHS, Pets for Life is funded by donations from generous supporters in our community. If you would like to help pets in our community during a time of need, please donate to this wonderful program.



If you are in need of assistance and think the Pets for Life program might benefit you, please call us at 509-662-9577 or email .