Bringing your pet to Club Pet takes just two easy steps!

1. Fill out our online registration!

Skip the paperwork and set up an account with us online! You can set up your pet’s profile and request lodging dates through our “Gingr” software.

2. Provide vaccination records


All dogs and cats must be current on vaccinations. Puppies and Kittens must be a minimum of four months and through a complete vaccination series with your veterinarian. All dogs joining GROUP PLAY must be spayed or neutered if they are 6 months or older.

Dogs require current Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccinations, as well as current Distemper-Parvo and Rabies vaccinations.

Cats require Distemper-Rhinotracheitis and current Rabies vaccinations.

Medical records are required showing vaccinations were given at least 2 weeks prior to visiting Club Pet.

If you would rather set up your account over the phone, give us a call at 509-888-PETS (7387) and our staff will happily get you into our system and make reservations for you.