Need a fun and affordable place to drop your pet off while you are at work or running errands? Club Pet offers daily Day Camp services so you can be worry-free while your pet is in the care of our trained staff.

Day Camp rates are $15/day and include the following:

  • Dogs will go outside during the day to run and play and enjoy Wenatchee’s fine weather.

  • Outdoor social groups subject to an initial “interview” process with your dog to evaluate how they interact with other dogs. **Please add $5/day for group play.

  • Social groups are separated by size and temperament.

  • Kennels and cages are monitored throughout the day and cleaned as needed.

  • Available for purchase at the Club Pet Gift Shop are toys, treats, collars and leashes for your pet.

  • The lodging kennel is heated and air conditioned.

Pets may be picked up during normal business hours with the exception of New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

All dogs who attend day camp must be over the age of 6 months and spayed or neutered.

Vaccination records must be provided before the dog can attend day camp. See our Get Started page for full details on vaccination records.