Hot Weather Tips

With the weather warming up, it’s time to play! It is also a great time to take a few moments to consider your pets.

  • Always have plenty of fresh water and shelter for your pets
  • Please leave pets at home when the temperature outside is over 70 degrees. The interior of your car can become like an oven in minutes and can harm or kill your pet. Leaving windows cracked and parking in the shade do little to keep a vehicle cool.
  • Exercise your pet in the cooler hours of the day – morning and evening, and not right after they have eaten.
  • Remember that hot asphalt or the bed of a pick-up truck can burn your dog’s feet.
  • Pets most at risk for hyperthermia (overheating): young animals, elderly animals, overweight animals, those with short muzzles and those with thick or dark-colored coats.

Let’s all enjoy summer safely!