Horses come in all shapes and sizes and their needs vary too, including a healthy diet, fresh water, vaccinations, having their hooves trimmed and regular dental checks.

Yesterday, this brave, little, 20 year old Shetland Pony was surrendered to WVHS because he was lame and could not walk. “Emo” is suffering from a very painful condition known as founder or laminitis, affecting his hooves. Founder is a crippling condition and in severe cases, can be fatal. With care, it can be managed but not cured.

Large animal Veterinarian Bryce Davisson, DVM administered pain medication so that “Emo” could be loaded into a trailer and moved to foster care. His pain is being treated with daily medication, diet and love. “It was so encouraging to see him voluntarily take a few steps this morning, but he still has a long ways to go. It’s literally, one step at a time.” says Dawn Davies, Executive Director.

The veterinarian will need to re-evaluate “Emo” in a few days to gauge his ability to improve. His hooves were compacted with debris, adding to his pain and discomfort, so they will need to be trimmed slowly, taking off a little at a time. His teeth are long, some even have sharp points or hooks. “Emo” will need a full dental so that he can chew his food and get the nutrition he needs. His winter hair is matted and needs grooming, but mostly, he needs to walk to keep his circulation going.

Join us for Help A Horse Day to learn more about horses, how to care for them, meet some of the amazing people who work with local horses, grab a treat at our bake sale, meet two adoptable horses, check out our newly raised barn and try your luck at a raffle! We will be having so much fun, and hope you’ll join us Wednesday, April 26th noon-4pm at WVHS.